Knowing what to expect at your first visit to the orthodontist can go a long way towards calming the anxiety of patients and even parents!  Young patients may not know what an orthodontist is or does.  They have often heard scary stories from friends about braces hurting or being “tightened,” and they may be worried that they’ll get braces right away and that the process will hurt.  Adult patients are often nervous because they’re still not sure what options they’ll have, and they’re still wondering whether they want to wear braces as an adult.  “Why am I here? Am I really going to go through with this? Is it weird for an adult to wear braces?” (Spoiler alert – it’s not!)  And parents are frequently nervous about having sticker shock because of their preconceived ideas about braces being expensive. 

Rest assured that most of these concerns aren’t worth the anxiety they cause, and we’re hopeful that learning about the new patient process in our office will help!  When you attend your first orthodontic visit with Veil & Wild Orthodontics, here’s what you can expect

One of our scheduling coordinators will welcome you to the office and check you in for your appointment. You will have a seat in our relaxing waiting room and wait for the treatment coordinator to call your name. While you are waiting you are welcome to help yourself to a glass of water or cup of coffee/tea.  

Our treatment coordinator will call you back to the exam room and take photographs and x-rays of your teeth.  We take a series of photographs of your teeth and face to be used by the doctor during diagnosis and also as a visual aid for you to use when discussing your treatment options.  Sometimes it’s much easier for you to see and identify problems with your teeth in pictures when compared to simply viewing them in the mirror.  In addition, we always use a panoramic x-ray (one large view that shows all your teeth). The treatment coordinator will then review the forms you filled out online and ask you any additional questions she may have.  

Once ready, the treatment coordinator will excuse herself from the room to go get either Dr. Veil or Dr. Wild (depending upon who is in the office the day of your appointment). The doctor will sit down with you and discuss your treatment needs, answer questions, and give you options for treatment, explaining the pros and cons of each option and giving you time to decide what’s right for you. He will then answer any questions you may have.  

Once the doctor leaves the exam room our treatment coordinator will explain scheduling and financing treatment. She is here to help you coordinate the details involved in starting treatment!  She will review the total amount of your investment in treatment, help you understand how much your insurance will assist, and give you plenty of payment plan options.  We are extremely flexible when it comes to financing your treatment because we know that everyone’s budget is different, and we don’t want that to get in between you and the smile of your dreams.  Next, she’ll help you schedule any appointments needed to start your treatment. If time permits, you may have the option to start your braces or Invisalign the same day! 

One of our primary goals at Veil & Wild Orthodontics is to make your experience with orthodontic treatment comfortable and enjoyable!  We’re here for you along the way and we are always available to answer questions.  We’re looking forward to meeting you at your first visit – and we hope you are too!! 

Call us today at 952-903-9484 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation at one of our convenient metro locations (Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Savage/Prior Lake, Shakopee, Minneapolis).