Is a wire on your metal braces poking you? An out-of-place wire can be extremely uncomfortable and
should be addressed as quickly as possible. Metal braces are made from brackets and wires which are
attached to each tooth. The wires curve around the teeth and connects the brackets together. A wire
can break or become dislodged from the bracket for a variety of reasons including eating sticky foods,
brushing too hard, or even playing sports (hello, mouthguard!). If this occurs, speaking, eating or any
movement of the mouth can be painful and can cause small sores or cuts on the cheeks and gums. If you
can’t see your team at Veil & Wild Orthodontics, here are some tips to help you stay comfortable:
Temporary Solutions:

Dr. Veil and Dr. Wild will be able to fix any problems related to your braces. However, you have a few
temporary options…
Wax: The day you get your braces on at Veil & Wild Orthodontics, orthodontic wax is one of the
very important items you’ll receive! Make sure to wash your hands and clean the area around
the wire before applying the wax. First, start with a pea-sized amount of wax and roll it into a
ball. Carefully pull your cheek away from your braces and place the wax over the tip of the
broken wire. The wax will create a barrier between the wire and your cheek or gum. If you still
feel the wire poking, add more.
Eraser: If the wire is too long to cover with wax, a clean eraser at the end of your pencil could do
the trick while you wait to see the team at Veil & Wild Orthodontics. Wash your hands, wash the
eraser, and push the end of the wire back to flatten it. You can secure it in place with a bit of
Nail Clipper: Have some help? Grab a parent or trusted adult and a clean nail clipper. Locate the
pokey wire and carefully snip with a nail clipper. Make sure you get as close to the teeth as
possible. Once clipped, put a bit of wax over the wire while you wait to see your orthodontist.

We are available at all locations including Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Prior Lake, Shakopee, and
Downtown Minneapolis for emergency needs like a pokey wire. Don’t wait to call us if you’re
uncomfortable. Contact the team at Veil & Wild Orthodontics by emailing or
give us a call at 952-903-9484.