My wife and I are expecting our first child later this year. I am beyond excited for this life-changing event. Last night I began thinking about all of the “back when I was your age” conversations I will be having in the future and just how different life will be for my child. In that brief reflection of amazing things that exist now that didn’t when I was younger, I realized we as a society are becoming more and more speed orientated. Consumers continue to demand things faster and faster and suppliers continue to feed the impatience. Thanks to Amazon and Walmart’s same day shipping, I will be telling my son or daughter about the days when you used to have to wait a few days or even sometimes an entire week to receive an item purchased online. Thanks to Netflix and other streaming media outlets, I will be telling my son or daughter about the time consuming process of how we used to rent a movie. It was madness! We had to get up off the couch, get in the car, drive to the nearest movie rental store, walk around searching for the desired movie, purchase the movie, get back in the car drive home, and watch the movie. Oh and then you had to return back to this place the next day to return the movie or else you were charged more money! Thanks to the mobile apps like Open Table, I will be telling my son or daughter about the days we used to go to a restaurant for dinner only to put our names on a long waiting list. We would proceed to a dining purgatory where everyone else on the list was waiting around for people to eat their food and vacate enough tables for us to sit down and eat. Thanks to the success of amusement park fast passes such as the Disney World Fast Pass+, I will be telling my son or daughter of the days when we used to have to wait in line sometimes up to an hour to ride the popular rides at amusement parks. This may draw the most sympathetic look from the future generations of children.

Eden Prairie Orthodontics | What’s the Next Faster Thing You Ask?

Well in the world of orthodontics we are excited by the advancing technology in bone biology that now allows us doctors to offer patients Accelerated Orthodontics. One of the biggest detractors to orthodontic treatment, especially for adults, is long treatment times. On average, most orthodontic cases require 18-24 months to properly address esthetic straightening and bite concerns. This 2-year commitment nowadays is an eternity for most people who have come to expect everything in an accelerated fashion. Up to now, there has been ways to move teeth faster, however they have required an invasive and expensive surgical procedure. Now there exists a non-invasive option. It comes in the form of a vibrating mouthpiece to be used at-home for only 20 minutes a day. The device is called AcceleDent.

Eden Prairie Orthodontics | How Does It Work?

It produces low-level vibrations, pulsatile forces, which are translated through the teeth to the supporting bone. In the most simplistic of explanations it increase blood flow and subsequently bone remodeling cells to the area of the teeth. In order to move a tooth from point A to point B there are cells on the leading edge of the tooth removing bone and cells on the trailing edge laying down new bone. The rate-limiting factor in tooth movement is the work of these cells. Pulsatile forces have been proven to attract more of these specific cells. The more cells at work the faster a tooth can move.

Eden Prairie Orthodontics | How Much Faster?

Clinical research has found rates of tooth movement to increase by over 100%. Meaning a total reduction in treatment time by up to 50%. AcceleDent received FDA approval in the United States in early 2013. Our office was one of the early adopters. We began picking and choosing certain patients who we believe could benefit from faster treatment. We monitored these patients closely and documented progress with clinical photographs at each visit. After 2 years, we were overwhelmingly convinced by the results. Beginning in January of 2015, we started offering an Accelerated Orthodontic treatment option to all of our patients; kids, teens, and adults. Braces and Invisalign. It doesn’t matter. It works for any age and for any type of orthodontic treatment.

Eden Prairie Orthodontics | Less Pain Too

In addition to faster treatment, patients have reported less discomfort associated with orthodontic tooth movement. The reason for this is not exactly understood at this point. However, it is speculated that the increase in blood flow and cellular activity also allows for an increase in local pain mediators.

Eden Prairie Orthodontics | Side Effects?

All the scientific research to date has failed to uncover any unwanted side effects. No unwanted damage to the teeth during tooth movement. No differences in long-term stability of the teeth. Unlike the surgical procedures aimed to induce similar changes in the bone biology, which brought significant post-operative pain and healing, this device is truly non-invasive in every way.

Eden Prairie Orthodontics | How Can I Accelerate My Orthodontic Treatment?

AcceleDent has a doctor locator website for patients seeking orthodontic treatment to utilize. The website will list all of the doctors in your area that are using AcceleDent. Right now only orthodontist are being provided with this new technology. In addition, not every orthodontist has incorporated this technology into his or her practices.

Our practice has been transformed by this new technology. I wholeheartedly believe this will also transform the orthodontic industry. I believe that when my son or daughter is old enough I will have to tell them about the days when we used to straighten teeth without this technology and just how long it took.

Dr. Justin Wild DDS MS or

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